Theon Cross is an award-winning tuba player and composer who not only redefines what can be done with his instrument but also transcends traditional genre conventions with his heady brew of low end theory combined with strains of ‘free jazz, dub, hip-hop, soca, grime, and other sounds from the Afro- Caribbean diaspora.

His core collaborators include Shabaka Hutchings, a reedist in Sons of Kemet and one of the key players in London’s ongoing jazz renaissance, as well as saxophonist Nubya Garcia and drummer Moses Boyd.

He’s part of a thriving family network of young London-based musicians who have regularly supported one another in stretching and re-shaping the boundaries of the jazz genre.

2020 sees him following up his critically acclaimed 2019 debut album ‘Fyah’ with a new EP on which he will again push the sonic boundaries of his tuba.

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