Since its beginning, jazz was defined as a diverse & multicultural musical genre, even before these concepts existed, a continuum mix of people, feelings and music. Starting from this idea, organizing a major jazz festival in Timisoara comes natural and symbolic.

A festival creates a symbol for the city that hosts it and strengthens its identity. JAZZ™ comes to celebrate the vibrant cultural energy of Timisoara.

Why a festival financed with public funds?First of all, because it´s extremely important to define culture as a common good, accessible to everyone and not as a commercial product available based on financial rules.It´s the City Hall´s duty to undertake the role as a guarantor of this principle.The cultural policy can define tomorrow´s society, one in which we don´t ask ourselves only from what are we living but also for what and how we live together. It is in the interest of Timisoara´s City Hall to stimulate the cultural life of the stronghold in all its forms.

This year we´re laying the foundation for what could be one of the most important cultural events in this part of Europe, as the joint effort to achieve the title of European Capital of Culture 2021. The importance of the artists playing on JAZZ™´s stage, it´s expectedimpressive international participation and the national and international advertising that we´re going to do are the premises of such an ambitious objective.

We are looking forward to host you in July, participating at this exceptional event in our exceptional city.

(Dan Diaconu, Deputy Mayor of Timisoara Municipality)