Dee Dee Bridgewater, the artist that brings people together through her unique voice, is knows for strong live shows. The american singer-songwritter’s carrier has been rewarded with three Grammy Awards and one Tony Award.

Often referred to as the best singer of her generation, Dee Dee has a solid musical background, as her father was a jazz trumpeter. Besides all this, she has never had any musical training.

She has a very long career, as she started singing in rock & blues band at the age of 16. Her phenomenal debut was in 1970, in New York, as a vocalist for the band lead Thad Jones and Mel Lewis, also one of the best orchestras of all time.

Throughout her career, Dee Dee has performed at some of the most prestigious festivals across the world such as: Monterey Jazz Festival, Sanremo Music Festival, Montreaux Jazz Festival sau San Francisco Jazz Festival.


„Lullaby of Birdland ” –

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