JAZZ™ is a free access festival!


Because most public transport options are passing through the city center we let you decide the route. In Timişoara, a one way ticket is 2 lei and can be used for busses (except expres busses E1, E2 and E3 for which you need special tickets which cost 2.5 lei/trip), trams and trolleybus.


The price of 1 km by taxi (cab) costs between 2.59 – 2.98 lei.
Here is a list of some local taxi companies:
Taxi Radio – 0256.940
Taxi Euro – 0256.941
Taxi Pro – 0256.942
Taxi Fan – 0256.944
Taxi Tudo – 0256.945
Taxi Timișoara – 0256.946


• Take care of our city! Only dispose of waste in specialized locations!
• Please take care of you goods; the organizers/producers are in no way responsible for the participants’ goods or any damage that may occur to these.
• Audio and video recordings will be made during the festival. The people who appear on these recordings can’t make any claim against the organizers, producers or users.
• Throughout the event, audio and video recordings can be made only with the written consent of the organizers/producers. No photography is allowed during the concerts.
• The event will take place regardless of weather conditions.
• The organizers reserve the right to modify the schedule of the festival.

Attending the festival means acknowledging the rules and acting accordingly.